Wet Nose Wednesday

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This cute little fella is Robbin. He’s a coonhound mix and is about 7.5 months old. Robbin is very outgoing and never meets a stranger. Robbin enjoys meeting everyone – dogs included! He can spend hours out in playgroups romping and running with his canine pals. Robbin is a little TOO interested in cats, so we recommend he go to a home where there are no felines in residence. Since he’s young and very energetic, Robbin will benefit from some training, but he’s a smart guy who will learn fast. It would make Robbin’s day to meet you, so stop by and ask to meet him.
Robbin Robbin2
Tom Riddle 7591
Tom Riddle is not the cat for someone who wants to snuggle and cuddle. Tom Riddle is a cat for someone who wants a more independent kitty. He enjoys being petted and getting attention, but you have to do it on his terms. He is such a gorgeous cat with long, white whickers. He knows he is handsome and doesn’t mind being admired. Tom is around 5 years old, which is a good age because he is playful and curious but not too rambunctious. He mostly likes to spend his time lounging in the sun and birdwatching. Call the shelter today to set up a time to come say hello to this handsome kitty.
Tom Riddle Tom Riddle2
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