Wet Nose Wednesday


Murphy 28158
Murphy is a handsome 4-year-old grey tabby. He loves being around people and will follow you around the house so he can be close to you. He is happy being petted but isn’t a big fan of being picked up and carried. Murphy has a soothing purr that you will hear any time you pet him. Murphy is also playful and has fun with teaser and wand toys. He even plays fetch with his mouse toy! Murphy is FIV+, so he needs to be the only cat in the house or have other FIV+ friends. Just because he is FIV+ doesn’t mean he can’t live a long and healthy life. Murphy would love to meet you, so come check him out.

Murphy Murphy2

Shelby 29785
Meet Shelby! She is a fun-loving Shepherd mix and is about a year old. Shelby is one of the most playful dogs at the shelter. She has a blast in playgroups, gets along with pretty much any dog in the shelter, and can play for hours. Shelby also has a great time going for walks or just hanging out with the staff and volunteers. Because she is still young and has so much energy, Shelby will benefit from some training. She is smart and eager to learn, so training shouldn’t be hard. Come by the shelter and meet this playful pup today!

Shelby2 Shelby3

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