Wet Nose Wednesday

Rosie 29541
Rosie is a loving and playful 1-year-old Retriever/Terrier mix. Every morning, she is ready to get out of her kennel and go out to play with her canine pals in playgroup. She has a great time romping and running with them, but she always has time to take a break so she can get quick pets from people. Rosie is a happy girl and always has a big puppy grin for you. She’s strong and energetic, so she would probably enjoy being part of an active family. Don’t worry, though, she always has time for cuddles! Come meet this adorable girl – we think you’ll love her!
Rosie Rosie2
Sherman 29763
This orange tabby is not only handsome, he’s also a sweetheart! Sherman is about 2 years old. He’s always happy to meet you when you visit his kennel. He enjoys being petted and will nudge your hand with his head whenever you stop petting him. His fur is so soft that you probably won’t even want to stop giving him love. Sherman has a sweet, deep purr that lets you know he is happy and content. Sherman is front declawed, so he will definitely have to be indoors at all times. If you are looking to adopt a loving kitty, come check out Sherman!
Sherman2 Sherman3
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