Wet Nose Wednesday

Mela 29176 & Meya 29177
Mela and Meya are two terrier mixes who came from the same home but aren’t actually siblings. Mela is a sweet senior at 9 years old, while Meya is quite a bit younger at 3 years old. Both girls are super sweet but have different personalities. Mela is outgoing and calm. She likes being around people, getting petted, and going for easy, leashed walks. Meya is more active and playful. She has lots of energy and loves getting out to playgroups to run with the other dogs. She is a little shy meeting new people but warms up quickly. Even though they are opposites, they make a perfect pair!
Meya Mela Meya Mela2
Harley 30144
This handsome orange and white male kitty is Harley, and he is looking for a forever home. He’s just over a year old and has the playful personality perfect for a cat his age. Harley likes playing with all his toys, but he seems to enjoy being petted and loved on even more. When you pet him, he will lean into your hand so hard that you might think he’s going to fall right over! If you stop petting him, he’ll nudge you with his head to tell you to keep going. Harley is also a curious cat and likes being on the move to check out all the things he can get his cute little paws on. Come say hello to this sweet and adorable guy today!
Harley Harley2
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