Wet Nose Wednesday

Abe 30186
Abe is one of our sweet seniors. He weighs about 75 pounds but is such a gentle boy. He likes being with people and getting lots of affection. Abe enjoys getting out for walks so he can explore and sniff. He has a good time getting out for playgroups with other gentle dogs. Sometimes he feels spunky and will run and play with the other dogs, which is always super cute to watch. At the end of the day, Abe just wants a comfy, cozy place to lie down and relax. Maybe you have an extra place on your sofa that would be just perfect for him? If so, come meet him today.
Abe6 Abe7
Crumbs 30210
This cutie with the stunning yellow eyes is Crumbs. Crumbs is a little over two years old and is outgoing and sweet. When you go to meet her, she will softly meow for your attention. She has a sweet purr that lets you know she is happy being petted. Crumbs doesn’t seem to mind being held and carried at times, but she will let you know when she’s ready to do her own thing. She is curious about everything around her and is always in the mood to explore. Crumbs is even more beautiful in person than in her photos, so come and see her for yourself.
Crumbs Crumbs2
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