Wet Nose Wednesday


Rory 20603
Rory is a handsome 4.5-year-old brindle Terrier mix. He’s very smart and has already learned several commands and cues. Just look at his photos and you can see how intelligent and regal he looks! Rory really enjoys going for walks and takes full advantage of every opportunity. Sometimes he wants to lie down and enjoy the sunshine and breeze instead of going back inside. Rory has lots of volunteer and staff friends, and he loves spending time with each and every one of them. If you would like to say hello this gorgeous guy, he’ll be pleased to meet you!

Rory2 Rory

Snickers 30178
Snickers is super cute girl who has mostly tabby markings with just a little touch of tan tortoiseshell mixed in. Snickers is 2 years old and is ready for her forever home. She may seem a little reserved when you first meet her, but you’ll soon see her true playful and outgoing personality shine through. She enjoys playing with toys and will happily bat them around. She also likes getting attention and being petted. Her fur is velvety soft, so petting her is a pleasure. Come say hello to our sweet Snickers today.

Snickers Snickers2

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