Wet Nose Wednesday

Dansby 30747
Just look at that smile on Dansby’s face! Dansby is six years old but seems like a younger dog. He is happy going out for walks where he can explore and check out all the smells and sights. He’s also happy being with people, getting petted, and having some cuddle time. Dansby knows a couple of commands already and seems to be an intelligent guy who will be easily trained. He’s also pretty good on leash, which is always a plus! If you would like to meet this happy and handsome guy, we will be delighted to introduce you.
Dansby Dansby3
Namaste 29985
Namaste is a pretty 2-year-old tabby. When she first came to the shelter, she had a litter of kittens and was very protective of them. Since then, all the babies have found homes. Now, it’s Namaste’s turn to find a home. Namaste is a reserved girl who likes to find a soft, warm space away from noise and activity. She’s very happy to stay snuggled in her spot. She likes it when you visit her and give her some love and pets, though being held is not something she is fond of. When you pet her, she stretches and purrs her approval. If you’re looking for a cat that isn’t very demanding or needy but does enjoy your company, Namaste might be the girl for you.
Namaste Namaste2
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