Wet Nose Wednesday

Chloe 28679
Chloe is a shy, independent, sometimes sassy girl who loves nothing more than to get cozy in her favorite cat tent and get some quality head and chin scratches. Chloe is not easily bribed by toys or treats (although she does seem to really enjoy some freeze-dried meat cat treats)! This sweet girl can be won over with a little patience and a lot of chin scratches – give her a little time to warm up to you, and she will be happily kneading her fluffy pillow and butting her head into your hand for more love! Chloe’s special talent is being as quiet and as stealthy as a ninja, so you may often not even know she is around! Although she is easily startled, we are confident that if you are patient with her, she can become the quiet, cozy lap cat she was meant to be. Chloe is FIV+, so she will need be indoors only and can only go to a home with other FIV+ cats or as the only cat in the home.
Chloe2 Chloe
Warren 30080
Warren sometimes gets overlooked in the shelter because he is kind of quiet and reserved. What people don’t know when they look at him is how sweet and fun he is. Warren went on an off-site hike with some volunteers the other day, and he had a blast. It was so fun to watch him rolling in the grass like a puppy. He was excited for the walk, but his favorite part of the adventure just may have been getting in the river. He just waded in up to his chest like he’d been swimming all his life. Warren likes to get snuggles and attention, but he’s not a needy boy. All he needs to be happy is someone to love him, take him for walks (and maybe a swim), and give him a soft bed to sleep in. Warren would love to meet you, so come say hello to him today!
Warren2 Warren
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