Wet Nose Wednesday

Akira 30960
Akira is one cool cat. He is excited to meet you when you come to his kennel and has a wonderful purr. He likes to explore his surroundings and seems interested in the other cats, so he may do well in a home with some feline friends. One of the coolest things about Akira is that he will let you hug and hold him. He sometimes even let you hold him like a baby! It’s absolutely adorable. He’s basically just a big bundle of love. Akira has been known to walk on a harness and leash so he can go outside to explore. Come meet Akira for yourself so you can see just how amazing he is.
Akira Akira2
Sophia 30824
One of the first things you will probably notice about Sophia is her ears. She has the best, most expressive ears you may ever see. They are big and stand up straight except for the tips, which flop right over. Those ears, and her big, goofy grin are sure to make you want to smile. From going for walks to having playtime outside to getting snuggles on the couch, Sophia loves being with people. She’s lived with children and did very well with them, so she may enjoy being part of a family with kids. If you would like to meet this gorgeous gal, call to set up your appointment today.
Sophia Sophia2
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