Wet Nose Wednesday

Asia3 Asia2 Asia
Asia 31298
This cute kitty with the big green eyes and long white whiskers is Asia, a 3-year-old Tuxedo cat. It can take a few minutes for Asia to get used to you, so just be patient and slow with her. Once she gets used to you, she will want attention. Her favorite spots to be scratched are on her head and just behind her ears. Asia has lived with other cats and did very well with them, so she may enjoy some feline friends in her new home.
Queenie Queenie2
Queenie 12271
Queenie is one of our sweet seniors. She is 7.5-year-old Border Collie mix who just wants someone to love. Queenie is housebroken, which is always a plus. Queenie is pretty mellow most of the time, though seeing small animals such as squirrels can make her prey drive kick in. For the most part, she just enjoys relaxing inside with her people or enjoying the sunshine outside. Queenie will make a wonderful pet for someone who has a low-key lifestyle and who just wants a sweet companion.
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