Wet Nose Wednesday

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June Bug 31483
June Bug is one cute cat. She is 2 years old and has soft, fluffy grey fur. She also has gorgeous green eyes that are the color of peridot. June Bug is always eager to meet new people coming to visit her. She comes right up and nudges you for petting but doesn’t seem excited about being picked up. She’s curious and likes to explore but is also happy to spend hours napping. June Bug will probably be a great fit for someone who wants a low-key and gentle kitty companion.
Jack Jack2
This big, handsome fella is Jack, a 3-year-old Black Lab mix. Jack is very outgoing and loves being around people. He would probably like going to a home with children since he has lived with some before and did really well. He’s also lived with cats and other dogs. He may be a little particular about his canine pals, so we will need to do a meet-and-greet if you have other dogs in the home. Jack likes playing out in the yard and exploring, as well as going for leashed walks. He’s a fun-loving guy who can’t wait to find his forever home.
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