Wet Nose Wednesday

Christy 31888
Just look at those brilliant blue eyes! This gorgeous gal is Christy, a 2-year-old Terrier mix. Christy is quite the social butterfly and loves making new friends, both human and canine. She often comes out to playgroups and has lots of fun romping around with her doggy pals. When other dogs aren’t around, she’s happy to entertain herself with a chew or squeaky toy. She’s a funny girl with a great with a wiggle to her wag. When playtime is done, Christy is happy to relax and snuggle with her favorite people. She would love to add you to the list of her friends, so come say hello today.
Christy Christy2
Wisp 31954
If you could use a little cheering up, we have the purrfect kitten for the job! Wisp is eight weeks old and just now ready for adoption. She is super spunky and playful. She is curious about everything around and wants to check it all out. Wisp loves getting attention and she’s not afraid to demand it. When you come to see her, she’ll stick her tiny paw out to grab you so you’ll stop and give her all the pets. She also has lots of opinions and isn’t shy about telling you all about them. Wisp says she thinks you should come meet her today!
Wisp Wisp2
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