Wet Nose Wednesday


Cheddar 31900
Cheddar is a great choice if you already have cats and would like another to join your family. She has lived with other cats in the past and does well with the others in the free roaming room. Cheddar is just a good with people as she is with cats. She likes to come right up to meet you when you walk into the room. She’s eager for attention but not pushy and will wait her turn to be petted. She doesn’t seem to mind being held and has a soft, gentle purr when she is happy. Cheddar’s meow is equally soft and quite adorable. She’s petite and sweet and will make someone a loving pet.

Cheddar Cheddar2

Seijoh 31299
Seijoh is super loveable and is the perfect mix of active and snuggly. After a nice walk, he’s happy to nap beside you on the couch or have a soft, squeaky toy to himself. He could be a nice hiking partner but he’s also happy to sleep in and get extra cuddles and love (which seems to be his favorite thing). Seijoh plays well with lots of other dogs and was a well-behaved gentleman when he was in a home with a cat. He responds very well to verbal commands, and even corrections if needed. He is polite with strangers that he meets on his walks, but needs a proper introduction when someone new comes into his house. Overall, he’s one great guy!

Seijoh Seijoh3

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