Wet Nose Wednesday

Flan 31777
Flan started her stay at the shelter as a shy and scared girl but is now turning into a social butterfly. While she may still be a little unsure meeting new people, she warms up quickly.  She has turned her frown upside down and now has a big, warm smile that she shows off to the world. She is now more confident to be the wiggly, happy, goofy dog we all knew she could be. Flan would love a chance to show you her fun and affectionate side, so come say hello!
Flan Flan2
Kiri 32778
Kiri is one friendly girl. As soon as you walk into the room, she comes up to say hello. She likes getting lots of attention and isn’t shy about asking for it with her sweet little meow. One of her favorite things is to be snuggled. Kiri’s eyes are a gorgeous shade of green that will catch your attention right away. Kiri seems to do pretty well with other cats and might like having some feline friends when adopted.
Kiri Kiri3
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