Wet Nose Wednesday

Caramel 32103
Caramel is a 5-month-old grey tabby with an outgoing personality. The first thing she does when you open her door is to jump on your shoulder and nuzzle you. She likes being petted, but she is much too playful to stay still for long. Soon, she’ll be running to check out the next thing that grabs her attention. Caramel enjoys play time and will chase a wand toy or pounce on little catnip mouse toys until she’s ready for a nap. This cute and spunky girl can’t wait to be adopted and make her new family smile.
Caramel2 Caramel4
Thor 32532
Thor is a gorgeous 1.5-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. He is playful and energetic. When he goes to playgroups, he loves to run zoomies with the other dogs. Because of his young age and his breed, Thor will need a home where he gets lots of exercise and mental stimulation. He needs to stay active and may be a good choice for someone who enjoys running or hiking. Thor is also a sweet and snuggly boy who would love to cuddle up with you at the end of the day.
Thor Thor2
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