Wet Nose Wednesday

Odis de Lovable 32285
What a smart, sweet boy! Odis de Loveable lives up to his name. This 2-year-old Pit Bull mix is truly a sweetheart. He wants nothing more than people of his own to be with, no matter what they are doing. He loves to play on his own with a stuffed squeaker toy, ball, or a Kong.  Odis is always excited to go out for walks, and he is currently working on his leash manners. He hasn’t had any potty accidents in his foster and seems to be housebroken. He’s an all-around great dog! Odis is currently in foster, so please call to schedule a time to meet him.
Odis Odis2
Tatiana 32832
Tatiana is a purrfect princess of a cat. She has beautiful almost auburn-colored fur. She’s a bit over 6 years old and has outgrown the high-energy and mischievous kitten stage, but she still has lots of spunk. She sometimes gets the urge to play with her toys, but she mostly seems to enjoy being petted and getting affection. When you pet her, she rolls around to make sure you get all the right spots. Tatiana has a gentle, low purr that is very soothing. She’s like a companion and therapist all rolled into one!
Tatiana Tatiana2
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