Wet Nose Wednesday

Tang 32701
Tang is a sweet, affectionate 10-week-old kitten with several hobbies. Some of his favorite pastimes include playing, sleeping, and snuggling. Sounds like the perfect kind of cat to us! Tang is inquisitive and will investigate everything that catches his interest. He’ll explore and play then he’s ready to curl up in your lap or on your shoulder for a nap and cuddle. HIs gentle purr will help lull you right to sleep, too. Anyone looking for a loving kitty companion will find him purrfect!
Tang Tang2
Ted 32599
Ted has been voted Most Outgoing at the shelter. He’s a handsome shepherd mix who never seems to meet a stranger. Ted’s not only a very social dog, he’s a smart boy as well. He knows several commands and has a very nice “sit.” Ted’s only around 1.5 years old and has lots of playful energy. He’s the kind of guy who seems to find the fun in anything and everything. If you could use some happy, positive energy in your life, you should come adopt Ted.
Ted Ted2
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