Wet Nose Wednesday

Bowser 32438
This handsome fella with the best squishy cheeks in town is Bowser. He’s a 1.5-year-old Boxer/Pit Bull mix with maybe a little Bulldog in there as well. Bowser always has a big smile on his face and loves meeting new people. He’s currently learning some obedience cues, and he’s so smart that it doesn’t take him long to catch on to whatever he’s being taught. Bowser seems to like playing with other dogs and may enjoy having a canine pal at home. He’s a playful and energetic pup and would do best in a home where he can get plenty of exercise. If you think Bowser sounds like a good fit for you, come check him out.
Bowser Bowser2
Velour 30759
Velour is a 1.5-year-old grey tabby who knows what she wants and doesn’t mind telling you. She is very loving with people and demands attention as soon as you open the door to her room. And yes, she has her very own room here because, while she might be great with people, cats are a different story. Velour is active and playful. One of her favorite activities is stalking and pouncing on her toys. She is quite proud of her hunting skills. Velour would love to meet you, so come say hello today.
Velour Velour2
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