Wet Nose Wednesday

Moo Moo2
Moo-Moo 32740
This little cutie is a 6-month-old kitten named Moo-Moo. Moo-Moo has all the best qualities of a cat. He’s friendly and social but not too needy. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by other cats, so he may enjoy having feline friends. He likes to be gently petted, especially behind his ears. Moo-Moo will even let you pick him up and hold him for cuddles. But wait – there’s more! Moo-Moo is not just a sweet and snuggly boy; he’s playful and fun-loving, too! Don’t miss out on your chance to adopt this purrfect kitty!
Moo Moo Moo Moo2
Rocket 13026
Rocket may be 8-years-old, but you would never know it by the pep in his step. He has a fun, playful personality. He likes to make friends wherever he goes, and he seems equally happy with people and other dogs. With people, he enjoys playing with toys and wants you to play, too! He will fetch a tug toy if you throw it. With other dogs, he is friendly and physical. We don’t believe Rocket has bad days – he is always carefree and would bring a lot of sunshine into your life.
Rocket Rocket2
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