Wet Nose Wednesday

Baby Ruth 33030
This hunk of sweetness is Baby Ruth, a 7-year-old Pit mix. He’s just as sweet as his name suggests. He loves to be as close to you as he can get and will even sit in your lap, if you let him. He doesn’t know he is a big dog. Baby Ruth is loving and wants to give you the best doggy kisses. He’s considered a senior dog at 7 years old, but he still has lots of spunk and the puppyish desire to play with toys. Baby Ruth would love to be in his new home in time for Thanksgiving, so come adopt him today!
Baby Ruth2 Babyruth
Cookie 32127
Cookie is a beautiful 1.5-year-old Siamese mix with thick, cream-colored fur. She can be a sweet kitty but also has a spicy side. Cookie fancies herself to be a great huntress and would probably do well as an indoor/outdoor cat, keeping your home free from pesky vermin. Cookie is not a cuddly cat, so she most likely won’t be a lap cat. She does love napping by the heater, eating cat treats, and attacking her ribbon toys. She’s also found a fondness for watching bird and fish videos on YouTube. She’s definitely a cat with personality.
Cookie Cookie2
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