Wet Nose Wednesday


Macy 30150
Macy is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She gives the best hugs and smooches. Macy enjoys lounging around with her human friends and getting lots of love and attention. It might just be her favorite thing ever. She also has some doggy pals that she plays with. Although she is a senior at 8 years old, she can still get the zoomies with the best of them! Macy’s smile is beautiful and is sure to brighten up your days. She’s currently in a foster home, so call to set up a time to meet her.

Macy Macy2

Polly 32119
Polly is everything that a cat owner would want in a furry friend: snuggly, playful, outgoing when she wants to be and independent when she feels like it. AT 4.5-years-old, she doesn’t have the craziness of a kitten, but she still has plenty of energy to play with toys and have fun. She loves to be petted and will seek attention when she’s in a snuggly mood. Her favorite toys are teaser wands and toy mice. Polly is sure to prove herself a PUR-fect cat for some lucky family.

Polly Polly2

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