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Bishop 2

Bishop 30901
Bishop is a 3-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix who is ridiculously cute. He has a cute smile, cute big ears, and a super cute play bow. Bishop is a little nervous meeting new people, but it will only take a couple of minutes and some yummy string cheese to become his friend. He has a couple of doggy pals that he hangs out with in playgroup, so he might enjoy a home with another dog. Bishop is a very smart guy and has been learning all sorts of things at the shelter, such as walking nicely on leash and doing different cues for treats. If a handsome, intelligent dog is what you’re after, Bishop is your dog.

Bishop 2 Bishop

Figaro 22717
Figaro is a 3-year-old black cat with a snuggly, loving personality. When he wants attention, he’ll paw at you and make air biscuits or just crawl right into your lap. If lap cats are your thing, he’ll be perfect for you. Figaro looks like a big, tough guy, but he has the sweetest, dainty meow and a very gentle purr. Figaro doesn’t seem to be a fan of other cats and dogs, but he might be okay with them once he’s out of the shelter. Besides cuddling, some of his favorite activities are napping and eating Temptations treats. Figaro would love to be be snuggles in your lap for Christmas, so come adopt him today.

Figaro Figaro2

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