Wet Nose Wednesday


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Koko 21842
Just look at that adorable face! Koko is a happy and playful girl 3.5-year-old hound mix with a beautiful smile. In her kennel, she seems a bit shy. Once she gets outside, though, her sweet and outgoing personality comes through. Koko has a good time going for walks with the volunteers and playing with her pals in playgroups. She takes a few minutes to feel out new dogs, then, as soon as she knows they are friendly, she starts running zoomies to get the dogs to play. She knows several commands and is always trying to show them off for treats. Koko is funny, energetic, snuggly, and smart – pretty much everything you could want in a canine companion.


Randi 33769
The first two words that come to mind when meeting Randi may be dainty and gentle. She is very petite and moves with ease and stealth. This little 2-year-old Tortoiseshell is also as sweet as she can be! She’s a big fan of catnip, and her favorite activity is to chase catnip-stuffed eggs! In between jaunts of chasing her toys, she’ll pause for rubs and cuddles. She’s a purrer, and will surprise you by how loud of a purr can come from such a small cat. Randi would love to meet you, so come say hello to her today.

Randi Randi2

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