Wet Nose Wednesday

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Paddington 33603
Paddington (also known as Paddy) is a sweetheart who wants to be your best friend. He’s pretty laid-back but will never turn down good cuddles or face scratches. We just got DNA test results on him, and it turns out he is mostly a mix of Husky and Treeing Walker Coonhound. Who would have thought?! Paddington loves going for walks and exploring the outdoors. He is very social and has a great time meeting both people and other dogs. He is super smart and has already learned several obedience cues. Paddington is one sweet, cuddly, and outgoing guy who will make a great companion for just about anyone. He’s currently in a foster home, so call to set up an appointment to meet him.


Penny 33746
With her amber eyes and little bobtail, Penny is one of the most beautiful cats out there. Penny is adorable and sweet. She can be a little independent at times, but she is an excellent cuddler when she’s in the mood for it. Some of her favorite things to do are explore every inch of the house and watch the wildlife through the windows. Penny is used to being around other cats and may do well in a home with other felines, but she insists on having her own food dish. She’s not one for sharing her food with anyone. We all have our little quirks, right? Penny is currently being pampered in a foster home, so call to set up a time to meet her.


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