Wet Nose Wednesday


Lavender 34308
This adorable kitty is Lavender. She is a social butterfly who greets everyone she meets with headbutts and purrs. She enjoys napping in the sun and people watching. She is bursting with love and is eager to catch the attention of everyone who walks by. She doesn’t ask for much – just some love, toys to play with, and nighttime cuddle sessions. Lavender is around 2 years old and has beautiful brown tabby markings.


Tucker 33658
Tucker is one of our playgroup superstars. He wants to play with every dog he meets and has tireless enthusiasm for making new friends. Tucker is a hound/retriever mix and is only about a year old, which explains some of his energy. He always has a big grin on his face and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. He will make a loyal, loving, and joyful companion for any family and would definitely enjoy having some other dogs at home.


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