Wet Nose Wednesday


Butter 34168
This 5-month-old kitten is a little shy when first meeting new people, but he is the best boy when you get to know him. Once he trusts you, he’ll shower you with cuddles, kisses, and will even rub noses with you. He has great kitten energy and loves to play enthusiastically. Besides playing, his favorite hobbies are cuddling, being adorable, and napping. He would probably do well in a home with other friendly cats and maybe some children. Come meet this cutie. He will make your heart melt like butter!

Tony 33817
Tony is a cute-as-pie 4-year-old Terrier mix. Tony absolutely LOVES tennis balls. He will play for hours, if you’ll let him. At 27 pounds, this small boy is the perfect size. He can be a little shy at first but he will cuddle and give you kisses if you give him the chance to get to know you. If you are looking for a canine companion who will help you get a little exercise then settle in for some good snuggles, Tony may be perfect for you.


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