Wet Nose Wednesday


Madame Purry 34581
Madam Purry is the first cat you’ll hear calling to you when you enter the adoption room. She meows to get the attention of everyone who comes in and can’t seem to get enough loving. She enjoys being petted and will nestle her face into your hand so you’ll keep petting her. She’s not a big fan of being carried around, but she’ll definitely snuggle up to you when she is ready for cuddles. Madame Purry is about two years old and is a beautiful grey tabby. She would love to say hello to you today.

Madame Purry Madame Purry2

Patricia 34480
Patricia is a sweet pup, but she takes a minute to warm up to new people. She loves tug toys and tennis balls. She can chase tennis balls for hours and is always proud to bring them back to you. She will smother you with kisses and will use her muscular little legs to climb into your lap no matter where you are sitting. She would love to be your hiking buddy. Don’t let her short legs fool you; she is super fast and has plenty of energy. She’s just around two years old and would love to go home with you today.

Patricia Patricia2

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