Wet Nose Wednesday


Nash 34456
Nash is a silly, quirky 4.5-year-old guy who is looking for a forever home. Nash is a little shy when first meeting new people, but he’s very social and wants to make friends. He enjoys spending time with people but isn’t a needy boy; he’s often quite happy to keep himself entertained by sniffing the yard or napping in the sunshine. Nash has fun in playgroup, running zoomies with his favorite dogs, but he can be a little grumpy with dogs that don’t respect his space. Nash is a sweet, handsome, and fun-loving dog that you should definitely meet, so come say hello today.


Peep 34760
Peep is a beautiful 1-year-old Tortoiseshell. She’s the kind of cat that is very independent and doesn’t really need much attention from people. She kind of prefers to do her own thing. She is perfectly content to eat, nap, bat around toys for a bit, and maybe get a little bit of loving when the mood hits her. She’s a cat who will be just right for someone who wants a low-maintenance, laid-back feline companion. If Peep sounds like the girl for you, stop by to meet her.


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