Wet Nose Wednesday


Audrey 33490
Audrey is a sweet Husky/Shepherd mix with beautiful blue eyes. She always has a big smile that makes you want to smile in return. Audrey is happy meeting new people and is constantly making friends wherever she goes. Even though Audrey is 12 years old, she has all kinds of spunk and a very playful personality. She loves a good game of fetch and going for nice walks. Audrey is just a loving, outgoing, and spunky girl who wants someone to love.

Audrey Audrey2

Dianne 34956
Dianne is another beautiful girl up for adoption. She’s a 2-year-old Siamese mix with pretty blue eyes. Dianne has a gentle meow to draw you to her when she wants attention. She likes being petted and will nudge you with her cute little face to ask for more. She sometimes even enjoys being held or in your lap for snuggles. Some of her favorite things to do are birdwatch, relax in the sun, and satisfy her curiosity by exploring wherever she can.

Dianne Dianne2

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