Wet Nose Wednesday

Pooh Bear2

Pooh Bear 34171
Pooh Bear is a 2-year-old sweet hunk of love who loves just about everything and everyone! He is an affectionate and attentive companion for walking, play time, and lounging around; he’s up for just about anything, as long as he can be with you. He gets along well with other playful, outgoing dogs, and absolutely loves to chase tennis balls– he’ll try to fit as many in his mouth as possible! When he’s gotten his energy out, he loves to sit in the sunshine getting scratches on his ears and belly. This big lovable baby would be a perfect addition to any family!
Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear2

Sprinkles 34909
Sprinkles is one super cute girl. She will quickly draw your attention to her so you can give her your undivided attention. She is always in motion, rolling around for petting or darting around to play. Of course, her constant activity means she usually has a very short attention span, unless, of course, she is stalking the birds and squirrels through the window. Sprinkles would love a home where she has plenty of room to explore and someone to play with her and give her lots of attention.


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