Wet Nose Wednesday


Bonkers 34551
Bonkers is an 11-month-old we-don’t-know-what-exactly mix. He is a bit like his name suggests – Bonkers – but we mean it in the best way. He is full of spunk and energy and fun. He never meets a stranger because he is so outgoing. He sometimes goes to playgroup with the other dogs but definitely has more fun when he is with people. His main goal in life is to love and be loved. Even though he’s still a rowdy pup, Bonkers would probably do well in a home with children he can play with. How can you resist his sweet smile?

Bonkers Bonkers2

Gem 34906
Gem looks a little grumpy in his pictures, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, Gem is friendly and loving. He doesn’t just nudge your hand for more attention; he smooshes his whole face into you. When he is really enjoying it, he rolls over and gets all wiggly. He’s very curious but can be a little jumpy whenever he hears a loud noise or is startled. He may do well in a home with other cats. Gem is a sweetheart that anyone would be lucky to have as a feline friend.

Gem Gem2

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