Wet Nose Wednesday


Bagheera 33916
Bagheera is such a soft, sweet, well-behaved cat! When he can’t find his people, he lets out his unique, raspy meow. He seems to especially like the smaller people – he is in a foster home with four children under 10 and really enjoys being near them. Sometimes he likes to use them as pillows and will snuggle in for a nap on them. Bagheera might be a great addition to a young family ready bring home some four-legged love. If you would like to meet Bagheera, call to schedule an appointment for the foster to bring him in.

Bagheera Bagheera2

Whiskey 35313
Whiskey is an absolute sweetheart! He very much wants to be with you all of the time and is very good at snuggling. From dogs to cats to children, Whiskey seems to get along with just about everyone. He has a medium energy level, enjoys walks, and is good on leash. Whiskey is very intelligent and has already learned how to shake paw. He is always happy to show off his skills for treats. Whiskey will make a fantastic family dog. Whiskey is currently in a foster home, so call to make an appointment to meet him.

Whiskey Whiskey2

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