Wet Nose Wednesday


Hazel 34545
Hazel is one of the dogs rescued from Korea, and she is looking for a loving home. Hazel is a little over 5 years old and is a Great Dane mix. Since she lived in a small cage and was kept for breeding her whole life, she is a bit reserved around new people and in new situations. Once she gets to know you, she enjoys being petted and getting affection, but she is not a lap dog or the kind of dog who demands constant attention. She loves napping in the sun and would enjoy a home where she gets to spend some time outside. Hazel is a sweet, mild-mannered, and mellow dog who just wants a nice place to call home. She is currently in a foster home, so call and set up an appointment to meet her.
Hazel Hazel2
Damon 35226
Damon is another lovely pet who is getting some love in a foster home while he waits for a forever home. Damon is a 2-year-old black and white cat with lovely long fur. He can be shy meeting new people but can soon be won over with some head scritches, which are one of his favorite things. Damon enjoys playing with toys on strings and cautiously exploring his environment. He is quirky and likes to take naps in small, dark spaces. Maybe he thinks it makes him dark and mysterious, like Batman. If Damon sounds like your kind of cat, call today to set up a time to meet him.

Damon Damon2

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