Wet Nose Wednesday

Buddy 31916
Buddy is a lovable, energetic 5-year-old lab mix who’s been at the shelter for almost a year waiting for his forever home. He has all the best qualities about a black lab: playful, endearing, and a little bit derpy! He is eager to please people and will do just about anything for a treat, a ball, a good game of tug, or even pets. He has a good foundation of obedience- loose leash walking, sit, down, place, stay, and leave it are all skills he is working on at the shelter. Buddy is dog selective and typically does better with well-mannered females, but if you’re looking to add somebody to your pack and think Buddy might be a good fit, we would be happy to do a meet and greet here at the shelter. His adopters will even receive 2 free training courses to make sure Buddy and his family can live their best life together!
Buddy Buddy2
Cairo 35769
If you like cats who are sweet with a bit of spicy mixed in, you should come meet Cairo. She loves meeting new people and gets so excited when they stop by to say hello to her. She’ll nuzzle you with her nose to entice you to pet her. After a few minutes of being petted, she may decide she wants to show you her sassy side and swat you playfully with her paw. She may even give you a little love nibble before going back to asking for affection. Cairo is playful and fun-loving and is sure to keep everyone entertained with her antics. She’s just a little over a year old, so she’s young but not a kitten.
Cairo Cairo2
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