Wet Nose Wednesday


Hopps 35677
Hopps is a very sweet, energetic 3.5-month-old little girl who likes to hop and dance with her toy mice. She’s very acrobatic and could probably join the circus, but she would rather stay in a loving home, surrounded by lots of toys. Having other furry siblings would be great because she likes the company of other cats. Soft beds are one of her favorite places. Hopps will spend hours entertaining you while entertaining herself. She also has the biggest, cutest purr ever. She’s basically just purrfect! Hopps is currently in foster, so call to set up a time to meet this little sweetie.

Rambo 34766
Let us tell you about an absolute superstar of a dog – Rambo! This 2-year-old goofball is going to be a great dog for someone. He’s super friendly, likes other dogs, and absolutely loves to play. He’s housebroken, sleeps quietly in a crate at night, and is happy to keep you company all day, no matter what you are doing. Rambo is still young and very energetic, but he is eager to learn and to make his people happy. If you’re looking for a new 4-legged friend to accompany you on hikes or walks then snuggle up with you afterwards, you should definitely come meet Rambo.


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