Wet Nose Wednesday

Al Purrcinno2

Al Purrcinno 36136
Say hello to our little friend, Al Purrcinno! Al is a 7-year-old long-haired black & white kitty. He is cute, fluffy, and friendly. Some say he’s a little shy, but he doesn’t seem like it when you open his kennel. He comes up immediately to be petted, rubbing his face into your hand to ask for attention. He has a cute little meow that you would think belongs to a kitten, not a big, handsome boy like him. Al is quite the explorer and enjoys checking out everything he can get his paws on. His other hobbies include napping in the warm sun spots and doing a little birdwatching. Al would love to be your new kitty BFF, so come say hello to him today.
Al Purrcinno

Al Purrcinno2

Beethoven 34491
This little cutie is Beethoven, an 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix. Beethoven is a small guy with a big personality. When he first meets you, he will probably show you his grumpy-old-man personality. Once he gets to know you, he magically transforms into a lovable cuddlebug. Beethoven is spunky and enjoys going for walks and playing with squeaky toys. While he gets along with other dogs, he does not like sharing his toys or cuddle time with them and may prefer a home where he can be the only pet and get all the attention. Beethoven is currently in a foster home, so call to set up a time to meet him. You will love seeing his sweet smile and cute, curly tail!


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