Wet Nose Wednesday

Bonnie 36015
If you are looking for a sweet, loving dog, Bonnie is perfect for you. She is friendly and outgoing, with a very gentle demeanor. She has previously lived with other dogs and children and was great with them all. Bonnie has lots of fun when she comes to playgroups. The dogs who are playful but gentle and enjoy games of chase seem to be her best playgroup friends. With her mix of friendly playfulness and laid-back gentleness, she will make a great fit for just about any family.
Bonnie Bonnie2
Callie 35274
You’ll have to put in a little extra time and effort to gain the trust of this feisty, funny calico, but once you earn her trust, Callie will reward you with headbutts, purrs, songs, entertainment, and cuddles (when she feels like it). She loves to play with folks and animals she knows and trusts, though she might need to be reminded to be gentle at times. She’s cautious, but curious, and a very resourceful investigator – sometimes finding herself in odd spots throughout the house as she maps out her territory. This little girl will also hunt at any given opportunity; she loves to stay busy. Have patience with her as she adjusts to her new surroundings and Callie will ultimately be the best little companion you could ask for. Callie is currently relaxing in a foster home, so call to set up a time to meet her.
Callie Callie2
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