Wet Nose Wednesday

Diamond 35829
Diamond is a gem of a girl! She is a 1-year-old terrier mix with a wonderful, loving personality. Diamond can be a little timid when first meeting new people, but she warms up fast. You’ll soon find her snuggling up to you for petting and affection. It’s not just people that Diamond loves – she also enjoys being around other dogs. She is a rock star in playgroups, making friends with everyone. She enjoys playing with toys and even had a private soccer game here with one of the CFC players. Diamond would love to be your new BFF, so come adopt her today.


Nacho MommaNacho Momma2
Nacho Momma 34659
Meet Nacho! She is one of the sweetest, cuddliest cats you’ll ever meet! Nacho’s favorite thing is getting pets and cuddles from her favorite person. If offered a hand and a treat, she’d rather smoosh her face into your palm than eat a snack. She likes to climb cat trees, hang out in her favorite cozy spot, and snuggle into your side or lap while you pet her. She needs about three days to get to know you after moving to a new place, but after that, she’s always excited to see you. Nacho Momma is currently in a foster home, so call to schedule a time to meet her.


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