Wet Nose Wednesday

Canasta Canasta2

Canasta 35816

Who is the prettiest Calico/Tortoiseshell you’ll ever see? Canasta is the answer! Her gorgeous and unique markings immediately draw your attention to her as soon as you walk into the room. Canasta is a shy, quiet girl who doesn’t demand a whole lot of attention. She’s pretty content to get some ear and chin scritches then laze the day away, watching birds through the window or napping in a warm spot of sunshine. She may just be the sweet, mellow kitty you have been searching for.




Hector Hector2

Hector 34746

Hector is a short and thick Beagle mix. He’s a very shy boy who will need a loving, patient owner to bring him out of his shell. Hector enjoys being near the people he knows, but he isn’t cuddly or snuggly. He just wants to be close to them, taking comfort in the knowledge that they are there and they love him. He sometimes enjoys easy walks but is happiest curled up in his cozy bed, feeling safe and secure. If you have a soft spot in your heart for the pups that need a little extra TLC, we would love for you to meet Hector.


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