Wet Nose Wednesday

Morton 36275
This sweet girl with tabby markings that look like salt and pepper is Morton. Morton is very outgoing and is eager to make new people friends. She seems like she wouldn’t mind a few kitty friends, as well. Morton is only 7 months old, so she’s still young and spunky. She is an expert biscuit maker and kneads happily with her little paws whenever she is being petted. Morton would love to show off her biscuit-making skills to you, so stop by to see her today.


Titan  Titan2
Titan 36506
This 1-year-old Cattle Dog mix is Titan, and he is one of the bestest boys you’ll ever meet! He is sweet and outgoing. He thinks of every person he meets as his new best friend. Titan likes going to playgroups and having fun with the other dogs. The smile on his face says it all – he’s a dog who loves life! Titan will bring some love and happiness to your life, so come adopt him today!


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