Wet Nose Wednesday

Chicken 36354

Chicken‘s name is quite deceptive. She is actually quite brave and outgoing. When you go to see her, she’ll come right over so you can give her lots of attention. She has the cutest little meow and doesn’t mind telling you all her thoughts. If you adopt Chicken, you’ll always have a companion who will converse with you so you’ll never be lonely. Chicken is especially cute because she’s a bobtail.




Gunner 36455

Gunner is an energetic and fun-loving 6-month-old pup. He loves everyone and never meets a stranger. He’s also great with other dogs and has tons of friends in doggy playgroups. Gunner is still young and will need a little training, but he’s very smart and already knows a couple of cues. He even does pretty well on a leash, especially for a pup! Gunner would be a great pet for just about any family.


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