Wet Nose Wednesday


Bruce 36788

For those of you who love big, fluffy cats, we have the perfect one for you. This big guy is Bruce, and he’s a 19-pound orange tabby. He’s a little overweight and could use a diet, but we’re sure he will be just as squishable when he’s lost a few pounds. As soon as he sees you, Bruce is ready for loving. He’ll nestle his face into your hand then flop his body over and sprawl all out. He soaks up all the attention he can get. Bruce would love to meet you, so come by to see him today!



Star 35850

Star has a personality that shines brightly! She has so many of the best qualities of a dog – playful, loving, cuddly, and gentle. Though she may be a bit shy around strangers, being around people makes her very happy. She will lean in, put her paws in your lap, and even roll over for belly rubs. Sometimes she starts feeling spunky and will bring a toy to you for a quick game of tug. She prefers to be with people, but she may also do well around other gentle dogs. If you’re looking for a loving family pet, Star may be the perfect fit.


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