Wet Nose Wednesday

Elton 25927
Oh, my goodness, does this guy have a great smile and the cutest ears! Elton is a 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, and he is ready for his forever home. Elton seems to enjoy playing with toys, especially the squeaky plush ones. He is social with other dogs and will play at times, but at other times he just likes to sniff around and do his own thing. He is always happy to be petted and gets lots of love and attention from everyone. If you would like to meet Elton and make him the newest addition to your family, give us a call today at (423) 624-5302.
Frank 25572
This handsome fella is Frank. Frank is two years old and has super shiny long, black fur. Frank is also a quirky guy. He never likes to sit still for long, but he does love to be petted. He can be shy when first meeting new people or being in new places, but he’s extremely playful and adventurous once he gets acclimated. He LOVES food and especially treats! Since he’s shy, he gets scared easily at times and would probably do best in a home without young children. He does enjoy spending time with the other cats, though, and may like a home with other felines.
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