Wet Nose Wednesday

Dave 26234
This is Dave, a gorgeous Maine Coon Mix. He’s kind of a big guy, though all his fluffy fur makes him look bigger than he really is. Dave is one of our sweet seniors and is about 9 years old. He enjoys being petted and getting attention. He looks like a tough guy and has a deep, tough-sounding meow, but he’s actually quite sweet. Dave would love to meet you, so make your appointment to come say hello to this handsome fella.
Duke 26166
Duke is a cutie pie and has unique markings and cool yellowish eyes. Duke is just under 2 years old and has plenty of spunk. He likes to be with people, especially if he gets to play. He also enjoys playing with other dogs, though he may be a little rough for some dogs. If you’re looking to adopt a sweet, energetic, and handsome dog, Duke is the one for you!
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