Wet Nose Wednesday

Atlas 25897
Atlas is one of our special dogs. When he was a pup, he had to have a leg amputated. Now he’s 6 years old and he doesn’t let having only 3 legs slow him down! He enjoys going for walks but his favorite thing might just be lounging around in the kiddie pool. He’ll lie down, splash around, then go for some quick zoomies. Atlas does have a couple of canine pals that he plays with, but we think he may do best in a home where he is the only pet.
Mary 25483
Outgoing, talkative, friendly! That’s Mary in a nutshell. This 7-year-old sweet senior kitty loves to be petted and brushed and will reward you with much purring. She may try to coax you for a little bit more and a little longer! Sometimes her eyes can be tearful but she’s not sad! It’s only a little allergy. Mary will make a wonderful companion to some lucky adopter!
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