Wet Nose Wednesday

Fluffy 26471
Fluffy looks a wee bit grumpy in her photos, but we think that’s because she was awakened from a nap for her photo shoot. She is actually quite sweet. Fluffy is about 4 years old. She currently has thin hair from flea allergies, but soon she will have lots of long, pretty hair and once again live up to her name. Fluffy is a quiet, mild-mannered girl and enjoys having some other cats around for company. Make your appointment today to come meet this sweet girl.
James 26200
If you’re looking to adopt an active dog who would enjoy keeping you company on walks or hikes, James might just be perfect for you. He’s an energetic and outgoing 2-year-old Terrier mix. James is always ready for fun, whether it’s with toys like tennis balls and tug toys or roughhousing with some of his canine companions out in the yard. He’s a smart fella, and just a bit of basic obedience training will help him become the perfect pet.
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