Who Will You Miss More When You Return to the Office, Your Family or Pets?


Most people would tell you their pet is part of the family. And maybe the most POPULAR member . . .

Someone polled 1,000 dog owners who’ve been working from home. And when they go back to the office, 41% said they’ll miss their dog more than their spouse or children.

93% agreed having a dog is good for mental health. And 48% said it helps with anxiety.

By the way, the American Kennel Club just put out its annual list of the most popular dog breeds. And Labrador retrievers are #1 again. They’ve now topped the list 31 years in a row.

Another breed made gains though. Poodles jumped back into the top five. They were the most popular dog from 1960 to 1982, but hadn’t been in the top five since 1997.

The ten most popular dog breeds today are: Labs . . . French bulldogs . . . golden retrievers . . . German shepherds . . . poodles . . . bulldogs . . . beagles . . . Rottweilers . . . pointers . . . and dachshunds. (Here’s the full list of all 197 breeds.)

(PR Newswire / AP)

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