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The next time you need to put a smile on your face, gaze into your doggie’s eyes! Experts say doing that will release the feel-good “cuddle” hormone in your brain. And it will do the same thing for your dog!

Ready for “Nightfall”, the free concerts every Friday night in downtown Chattanooga? This Friday July 30th, the ‘New Dismembered Tennesseeans’ will open at 7, then the headliner at 8 will be ‘Po Ramblin’ Boys’. Meet your friends downtown for live music Friday night.

Your Chattanooga Lookouts will be back home Tuesday August 3rd, to host The Rocket City Trash Pandas for almost a week. Get your tickets online at

The Tennessee Tax-Free Holiday is this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 30th through August 1st. You won’t pay sales tax on clothing priced at $100 each or less; or on school supplies priced at $100 each or less; or computers and laptops priced at $1,500 each or less. This weekend.

At the Olympics, there are 44,000 members of Security working the games. The youngest American to take part in the Tokyo Olympics is a 15-year-old swimmer; the youngest Olympian overall is a 12-year-old table tennis star.

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