You’re Carrying Your Laptop Wrong

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If this is the source of your crippling pain, you might just be kind of a soft person in general: Someone did a big write-up on how NOT to carry your laptop when moving from room to room. A lot of us don’t do it right, apparently.

According to ergonomics experts, you shouldn’t be balancing your laptop on ONE HAND when you walk around. And not just because you might drop it.

Most laptops only weigh three or four pounds now. But it adds up over time and can lead to a condition called “mommy’s wrist” . . . basically, tendonitis in your wrist and thumb. It’s called that because carrying babies can cause it too.

Instead, close your laptop and carry it like a book. Or if you need to keep it open, use both hands.

One more bonus tip: If you’re taking your computer bag somewhere . . . or any shoulder bag or purse . . . the most it should weigh is 10% of your body weight. Even if it doesn’t feel heavy, it can make you walk funny and mess up your hips. So any more than 10%, and you risk injury.

It’s even more important for kids, and backpacks are better in general. They distribute the weight a lot more evenly.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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