Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday
Millie 24953
Millie is an adorable petite 9-year-old kitty. She may be a senior and a bit shy, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a wonderful personality. Millie is fun-loving and absolutely loves playing with her toys. She will bat them around and then chase them with the energy of a kitten! Millie is also a good snuggler once she gets comfortable with you. Although she doesn’t like other cats in her personal space, she doesn’t mind having them around for company . . . at a respectful distance, of course. Millie would love to find her forever home soon. If you think you might be the one for her, come meet her today!
Buca 25556
Buca may look like an older dog, but he’s actually only about 4 years old. He also always seems to look kind of sad, but we think that’s just a trick to get you to give him extra love. Buca really likes being around people and getting lots of attention. His philosophy about it is, “The more, the merrier!”  Buca likes going for nice, calm walks and greeting all the people who want to pet him. He doesn’t seem to mind having mellow, relaxed doggy pals, but playing with them just really isn’t his thing. If you would like a canine companion who is loving and low-key, you’ll definitely want to come meet Buca!
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